About Simply Put Scents

When you have passion for something it's only natural to want to share it. Hosted by Emitsu Geez, Simply Put Scents is a YouTube Channel that has been creating fragrance-related content since February 2016. Since its inception, the goal of Simply Put Scents is to help more people make informed decisions about the fragrances they are interested in while offering viewers fragrance related content that is both honest and objective, but also fun to watch. When seeing a Simply Put Scents video, it's clear where Emitsu's passions lie.

A member of the community for over 3 years, Emitsu has been an avid collector of fragrances for well over 10 years. He started making t-shirts for himself based around his love for scents. There were few options for apparel and other products which served fragrance lovers. Sadly, the few option available seemed to lack a style suitable for a modern man or woman who wants to look their best even when dressed casually. Drawing from a simple yet attractive aesthetic and the light hearted humor Emitsu is known for in his Simply Put Scents YouTube reviews, his items speaks to all fragrance enthusiasts. Each design was created with the intention of sharing your love for fragrances, sparking conversations and drawing attention to your scent of the day.  

It is an honor to share with you Emitsu's reviews, designs and passion.